Artist's Statement

Colourful and
expressive abstract

Art that's lively and creative, just like Nat.

My artwork is a direct representation of my thoughts, memories, and emotions. I use a variety of art styles and techniques to create my images and tend not to limit myself by choosing only one style or technique, so I can become fully immersed in my expression. I am drawn to bright colours and multifaceted textures, sometimes achieving this tactilely, and other times through brushstrokes alone. I draw inspiration from post-impressionism and pop art, however, I identify most with expressionism and abstract fauvism. Often, I will start an artwork with an intention in mind, and then allow the piece to evolve and take shape as I undergo the process. In some artworks, I use a variety of mediums to achieve the overall look and effect of my work, which includes, among other things, acrylic paints, sand, and mirrors. In other pieces I find the tactile nature of chalk and oil pastels to be a lot more essential to my creative process of expression.


When I feel the need to create something realistic and identifiable, my works always maintain a large element of expression. For example, whenever I paint landscapes, I often use colours that aren’t true to nature. I find this adds a surreal component to the artwork; a more dream-like image. On other occasions, I find the need to paint something benign and lifelike, so I can corrupt it with my expression. An example of this can be seen in “Bloody Brûlée”; an ode to my time working as a chef. I remembered being so tired of having to make a fresh batch of Crème Brûlée’s every morning, as they were very time consuming and tedious. I used to have to maintain my composure, grit my teeth and get on with it. I realised one morning (years later), that I don’t need to pretend that I like making Brûlée’s; I am now completely able to express my anger and frustration at having to make Crème Brûlée’s. I could paint my distaste, and I could make it as macabre as I felt.


Alternatively, rather than paint an identifiable picture, sometimes I really need to express myself using vibrant colours. I often find this a liberating type of art as it takes away from all other artistic distractions. My art does not need form; I don’t need to see an image; the colours don’t even need to make sense. All that matters is the process. This is often a technique I use when I create art on paper with oil or chalk pastels. The process involves allowing myself to be drawn to a colour, and only using that colour until it feels as though it has finished saying what it needs to say. I allow the colour to decide where it goes on the canvas or paper, and how it interacts with the other colours that are already there. Sometimes the process creates art that is not that good, however, other times it creates beautiful and intricate designs.


Lastly, as an expressive artist, I am very passionate about the need for people to be able to express themselves. I hope that my art encourages people to express whatever it is that they need to, while also empowering everyone to create.

© 2019 by Nat Nat Art

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